Out with the old…

This week I start my new career journey.

I’m still saddened by the death of my previous career, but it turns out that being female (and a mother) in IT doesn’t make you novel, it makes you an easy target for discrimination.  It means you watch the boys get promoted all over the place while you work your ass off and get fuck all.  At least it does where I work.

I want to cry when I see people who I know are incapable fumble about with technologies that were second nature to me three years ago.  It pains me to have tickets bounced from a team who should know better.  It sucks when people scream at me about a two month old ticket that I could have sorted in ten minutes if I had access.

Today I’m feeling sad and frustrated that my career was terminated and that opportunity, although it has arisen, has breathed a sexist smoke in my face, keeping me bound to a desk, answering a phone and tying my hands behind my back.

New career, I welcome you, despite the jealous sick feeling I get when OH talks tech.

Now I just have to bury the old lifeless one.


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