O and the booby.

My kids are both very different.  I should have known that right?

For a start he is totally placid and she…well, she has my temperament.  So when their feeding habits and relationship with the booby differed, I shouldn’t be surprised.

But I am.

She loved booby. If I let her she would be there 247. She wanted nursing for comfort, food, to help her sleep, if she was in pain. And she would eat everything booby had to offer, day or night.

O is different. He loves his food, but if he’s just suckling, which he does, and I have a let down, he’ll pull off and spit it out.  When he’s tired sometimes he’ll want feeding, but he gets quickly frustrated by full boobs if he’s not hungry or empty boobs if he is.  It’s a bit of a gamble as to what he’ll take. The hardest thing for me is he will not nurse at all if he’s upset or in pain.  For example, after his jabs, he outright refuses even if I’ve been holding off so know he’s hungry.  The only way to calm him is to cuddle him on your shoulder and rock.

See, even second time round I’m winging it!


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