The wall

Granted, the wall was only about six inches high and I could step over it so giving up isn’t an option, but the pain that morning made me think twice.

This time I have had an easy ride of breastfeeding with the worst thing being some initial trauma as we got the latch correct. Oh and the vomiting caused by gluttony. But no mastitis, no thrush, no other issues…

Until now.

The nightfeed was painful. Pain ripping through my poor booby. I corrected his latch twice and persevered. After feeding, under my arm still felt full and achy but the boob seemed empty. Too tired to sort it, I went to sleep.

Woke up in the morning, latched him on again and held back a yowl. The whole thing just hurt! Again, I completed a feed but not without considering thrush or mastitis.

I’ve never had mastitis. Lucky lady. I have had thrush. It’s like white hot needles being pushed mercilessly into your nipple for each and every move baby makes. It was also a nightmare to treat. I think it was picked up by my mw as Toddler had it in her mouth too. I went to the drs to get some meds. They prescribed daktarin. Cream for my nipple (not safe for internal use) and gel for her mouth (which she gagged and choked on). I ended up using the gel on my nips too but each feed was just a battle and we weren’t clearing up. Then it was suggested we try flucanazole (sp?) pills. A week after treatment, we were clear.

So, you can see why I would be dreading needing any kind of treatment!

I had a feel about and found a lump where the pain seemed to come from, so after getting some advice from the lovely bfing community on Twitter, I fed O and gave the boob a massage. I also had a shower and massage.

Looks like that cleared it. 3 days on and the pain has all but gone. Phew!!! I had visions of major problems again – something I just don’t need right now.


4 responses to “The wall

  1. Holy moley, sometimes I am just glad I bottle fed. Good on you for persevering… *hugs*

  2. Hope you are feeling better x b/f ing can be bloody hard work and painful – mastitis is a bitch – so good on you for sticking with it. Thanks for posting some reality on it x

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