The perfect pushchair…

Doesnt exist.

I’m a pushchair moron. Anyone who has ever seen me try to steer my pushchairs around anything will know that. The people who have had their feet run over by said bad steering will also know that.  Before you ask, yes my driving is awful too.

Anyway, having finally lost the last end of my rag with the Phil & Teds after a seat catastrophe and then a tyre catastrophe and being housebound for a week, we decided to go and purchase a side by side double stroller.

We went into Babies R Us at the weekend and looked at the Cosatto You 2 twin.  We had a short test drive and then came home to order the Polka Dogs version from Amazon.

So, today it arrived.

I took it out of the box, started to build it (sunhoods, adjust seats, footmuffs, test brakes etc) when Toddler brings me a small piece of grey plastic and asks “What’s that Mummy?”

Well, I’d heard a bit of a snap when I’d tested the brakes but I know that these things can make a noise when they click in, so didn’t think anything of it, but upon checking, one of the back wheels had cracked.  Not the most awesome start, I must admit.

I got straight on the phone to Cosatto and they were fab.  A new wheel is coming tomorrow, no questions asked.

So ignoring everything I know about health and safety and being a bad parent, I decided to take myself and my stir crazy kids out for a walk.

I have yet to brave the supermarket so these are early impressions.

Let me hit you with the Cons first:

1. It’s wide.  I can’t fit it in the house, but we expected this.  I’m a bit concerned about getting it through narrow doors elsewhere but I can’t think of anywhere I go regularly where I can’t either leave it outside or get someone to help me.  So more of an inconvenience really.

2. The wheels.  They are plastic, as is common with this type of stroller.  This makes for a bit of a bumpy ride as we have a lot of the textured paving around our way.  However, the pro of this is that the vibration seems to make the kids sleep.

3. The raincover covers both sides at once (although I don’t think this can be done any other way.)  It did mean that when she decided she absolutely did not want the rain cover on, it mean that he had to get a bit wet too.

4. It’s quite bulky – even when folded up.

Hmmm, I think that is about it for the moment.


1.  My two love being next to each other and he really enjoyed being able to see everything and having the wind/rain on his face.

2. No possible way it could have a puncture.

3. She can’t kick, punch or poke him too hard from a sideways angle.

4. It’s not heavy to push.  Surprisingly, and even with a Toddler and a 3 month old seems fairly well-balanced (although you can feel the weight difference when going up or down hills.)

5. Goes very easily up kerbs and doesn’t feel like it’s going to tip at all.


So there you have it.


8 responses to “The perfect pushchair…

  1. This is the pram i was going to get. I wish i would have, instead of getting in serious debt for the one i have. Im hoping to sell it when dd1 is two (may2012) as she seems to like walking more now anyway. So then buggy + buggy board, and hopefully a return on the overpriced pram and a lower credit card bill!

  2. Awwww they look so sweet!

  3. There are no perfect double buggys. Fact. Until the buggy companies bring on more parents with twins/2 kids to help them figure it out. Doubles are all a nightmare but I think side by sides are the best after having had both. Mine doesn’t fit through our door which is the biggest pain. It limits the shops you can go in – I can’t get into my fav coffee shop any more. But hey, at least it means we can get around. The new one everyone is pawing after is the Bugaboo Donkey – over £1000!!! I’d rather have a car.

    • A grand for a buggy? That’s insane! More money than sense. It better make me a nice cuppa and a round of toast for that money. And I bet it still has a dodgy baby under thing or won’t fit thru the front door!!

  4. They look very content! I have a P&Ts and it worked really well as a double buggy when E was 2-3 and A was newborn +. It would freak people out hearing the newborn cries and not seeing him stuffed underneath E!!
    Now use it for A on the school run until he can walk further and I can finally get shot. Sorry to hear you had probs with yours xx

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