Apologies…(and my timetable)

for the mega cop-out post yesterday.

I’m apologising more to myself than anything else.  You see, once a post is published, I won’t withdraw it although I may choose not to publish it.  I just haven’t had the time nor the inclination to post recently.

This is mostly caused by my enforced SAHM-ness which is now indefinitely extended.  This, added to O’s night feeding habits have me completely worn into the ground on most days.

An example day for me is:

Get up around 7.30ish (although recently, we have been getting up slightly earlier as she’s refusing to stay in bed.)

Breakfast for the pack.

8am – shower and wash hair

8.30 dress two children, feed O.

9-10 – O on blanket playing, Madam being told off repeatedly for poking him.

10.30 – snack time (raisins and juice)

10.35 – feed O, he goes to sleep

10.40 – 11.30 – Mummy and Toddler time.  Mostly being kicked and drawing monsters. (Or blogging while she watches Charlie and Lola on the other screen)

11.45 – O wakes up.

12.00 – go cook soup for lunch.  We always have soup. She won’t eat sarnies at home.

12.15 – O screaming, come in and feed him while the soup is cooling.

12.45 – serve up seriously cold soup and bread

13.25 – lunch finally finished – clean up mess, feed O.

14.00 get so fed up decide to go for a walk.

14.45 – complete construction of the Phil & Teds

14.50- Feed O

15.20 – Feed O

15.30 – leave house after two nappy changes…each.

15.33 – return to house after she protests I forgot her raisins and juice.

15.36 – leave house again with raisins and juice.  Walk to local supermarket.

16.00 – get to supermarket

16.04 – two screaming children in a pushchair gets too much.  Attempt speed shopping.

16.45 – get back home wishing I’d never attempted to leave the house in the first place. Feed O

16.46 – Madam falls asleep on sofa.

17.25 – Madam still asleep.  Still feeding O.  It’s a long one to make up for going out.

17.45 – OH comes home, looks in kitchen expecting dinner to be ready.

18.30 – Dinner is served. Still feeding O.

19.15 – Madams bed time.  Fight with her to get PJs on.

19.30 – chase her around upstairs to do teeth.

19.40 – teeth finally done, chase her around to put her in bed.

19.50 – night night kisses all round.  Violet goes on for 10 minutes.

19.51 – we begin the “How about *insert CBeebies character name*” game, where she replies with “*character* is sleeping!”

20.20- realise Violet has finished and O is starving downstairs.

20.25 – finally leave Madams room after she calls for me.  She then stands at the stairgate shouting Mummy.

20.35 – feed O

20.50 – Swap sides

21.01 – Attempt transfer to travel cot. Fail.

21.05 – feed O

21.13 – Attempt transfer to cot.  Fail.

21.14 – call in OH to settle O.

21.16 – O settled. (Little git)

22.00 – head to bed.

23.00 ish OH brings up O.

1.30 – Feed O

2.20 – attempt cot transfer – WIN.

3.25 – Feed O

4.20 – Attempt cot transfer – WIN

5.10 – Feed O

5.30 – Attempt cot transfer – Fail.

5.35 – Feed O

5.36 – O asleep on lap. Attempt cot transfer – fail

5.38 – Feed O

5.39 – Wind O over shoulder – O sleeping soundly.  Chicken out of transfer and let him sleep on my chest while I doze until…

6.00 – Wake up with crick in neck. O fidgets.

6.10 – wake self up with a jump.  O turns his head over and begins dribbling on the other bra strap.

6.20 – wake up again as O scratches inner thighs with razor-sharp toenails.  He’s dreaming

7.00 – OH’s alarm goes off.

7.10 – “Hello mummy – where’s Ossar?”




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