Double pumping

Last night, I tried double pumping. By that I mean one pump attached to each breast. I’m not sure what the expert term for it is.  Duel pumping, double expression…

Anyway, I have two different types of pump.  One Tommee Tippee manual, and one Avent manual. How I ended up with this combination is perhaps for another day.  Last night I managed a live comparison…

Now, I should explain my methodology as I may have been a little unfair on one pump.

I finished feeding O on my right, which is the boob with greater production. I then put the TT on that side, avent on the left. I swapped them after 1 let down.

I ended up (after two swaps – O woke up!) with 2.5oz in the Avent and 0.5oz in the TT.  I just don’t get on with this pump.  Maybe it’s the phalange, or the way it seems to draw the nipple in to touch the pump or the harder action.  Maybe I don’t set it up quite right, but the TT isn’t the pump for me.  I’m going to continue using it to collect leakage as I would rather it were added to my stash than wasted into a boob pad, but personally, I prefer the action of the Avent.

Ok, so the negatives of evening pumping are that O takes longer on his 2am feed as my flow is slower.  My nips become sore – partly due to the pump, partly due to lazy latch of a tired baby suckling for longer.

The Positives are additions to my stash, and a less choky and windy baby.  The choking and wind seem to be associated to a fast flow when I’m too full.

Right, it’s time for me to go and pump.


4 responses to “Double pumping

  1. That has brought back some memories from when I messed up breast feeding E and ended up pumping then bottle feeding it! I always got on really well with the Avent manual pump sometimes overfilling the bottle – quite ironic given the size of my chest!

  2. Thanks for this post I just tried my avent manual pump for the first time today (my baby is 3 weeks old) I think that I am overfull as when he feeds he tends to choke and seems to not settle well afterwards (particularly at night) as he seems to struggle breathing properly.I wonder if I should pump at night before bed to make them less full? It’s so difficult to know what’s right?!

    • Congratulations on your baby. The choking should get less as your supply regulates and baby learns to deal with it. O will just pull off if the supply is too fast for him most of the time, but at night his reactions are a bit slower. I pump after Os going to bed feed (he sleeps for 5-6hrs) but it may increase my supply if I do it for long enough. I find going to bed very full uncomfortable. You could always try for a couple of days and see how it goes? I would also advise maybe chatting to your hv, midwife or bf support to see what they say about the best time. It’s very hard to know what to do. This is my first time trying to build a stash as I didn’t bother with my first baby, so I’m still learning and trying new things too. Good luck!

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