Tweet up

Today  I met some very special mums.

From the time I was at an all girls school I always had boys as friends. I work in a male dominant profession and always considered women to be catty and cliquey.

This was re-inforced by the various Mother and baby clubs I went to when the Toddler was tiny. I also found the other mums to be judgemental and felt as if they were constantly questioning my parenting style (wing it or shout). Not to say I’m not a judgmental mother.  I think we all judge each other because parenting is such a personal thing.  However, I had always felt that other mums were silently bitchy and scathing about the way I choose to raise my children.  I always expect them to be one digit away from phoning Social Services each and every time they see me.

However, through the community on Twitter I have learned it doesn’t have to be like that and even the most confident of mothers are just coping a lot of the time.

And then I met these ladies. Not cliquey, not judgemental, understanding, empathetic and in some cases sympathetic. I didn’t feel awkward or out-of-place.  It was great.

I ran into some bother when the toddler became bored and had to leave a little earlier than expected, but on the whole it was a fantastic experience.

So thank you Debbie, Sarah, and Kirsty for a lovely afternoon with special thanks to going to Kelly for helping the Toddler with the slide and Karen for not only coming with me but also holding O so I could chase Madam around.


8 responses to “Tweet up

  1. Ah sounds as if you all had a lovely day. Twitter is a funny world. And, its bloody brilliant! 🙂

  2. You’re very welcome. I had a fab day. It was lovely meeting you and the Toddler and getting plenty of cuddles with O. Must do it again soon.

  3. Twitter is bloody brilliant. I think I would have been rocking in a corner without it.

    The Toddler needs to meet the twins. We can find somewhere to let them go and run wild.

  4. It was bloody lovely meeting you and the toddler and baby O today. The only let down for me today was the other kids that were there. Not ours, but the others. They were being loud and I couldn’t hear what was being said properly. Haha

  5. Ahh thanks. She spent all afternoon being sick on me which was nice. 😀

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