I have been using a noting app called catch for a little while now to write my blogs on my phone before copy and pasting them to WordPress.

You may be wondering why I’m not using the WordPress app direct. The answer is html editing. If you write your blogs on your Android device all in one go, it’s fantastic. If, like me, you write a few notes and then go back in and delete bits (which isn’t easy to do on a touch screen phone) add bits in and re tag, then it’s a nightmare. I also find I can’t change the categories on the WordPress App. It’s Uncategorized, or uncategorized. I don’t have a category called Uncategorized any more.

So, I decided to find a noting app. I was using Colour note for a while, but the only way to share to multiple devices (I needed something I could use on my laptop (Ubuntu) my Windows machines and my Smartphone) was to email myself, which became impractical.

I used Evernote, but the application only lets you upload in Linux, not view what you already have (at least I couldn’t get it to do this.) If I can’t get something to work pretty much first time, I lose interest, so this lost some Brownie points.

I then downloaded a load of the noting apps and found Catch.

It has an online log on, so you can access your notes from anywhere with a browser (bonus). it lets you copy and paste which I was unable to do using Google Docs on a Ubuntu machine running Firefox, you can use hashtags to group your note (double win for a twitter addict!). You can also share directly to WordPress, but again, this removes all formatting.

I tend to write my notes, make sense of them either on the phone or laptop and then copy and paste them straight into a new post on WordPress using a computer. This works well for me and my style of blogging.

You can find out more about catch by going to


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  1. Danielle Mathieu

    Hey sounds great I am gonna give it a try thanks x

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