The one I won’t publish

So, it’s rare for me to retract posts, seeing as this is a no holds barred, say what you like and mean it arena.

However, due to me ranting so much recently about OH and this post about my bro, I have decided not to publish what I originally wrote for tonight.


Because it was about family stuff.  I don’t want to bore you with family stuff whan I have about a million other topics I could bore you with (well, poo, bodily functions, how useless men are and pictures of my kids doing normal stuff) and I don’t want to incriminate myself or any other members of my family.

I do feel a bit mean bitching about my brother like that to be honest.  He DOES have a heart of gold, and would do anything for any one of us if we needed it, but he also has a few anger issues which definitely need to be ironed out before they get him in serious trouble (ie fired.)

Anyway, tonight I am not going to post anything exciting.  Just this.

Enjoy your evening.



2 responses to “The one I won’t publish

  1. Really enjoyed reading your blogpost, even if it wasn’t the post you were supposed to publish! It’s nice to read a blog which is just about normal stuff – but written from the heart.

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