“The least jealous person I know…”

My cousin gets married soon. My brother works for her dad (my uncle). Her mother (Aunty MW) delivered my two babies.

My cousin said on fb that she had been called a spoiled brat at work.  Now, as she’s working with my bro and my other aunt and other aunt has commented “you said what?” I assume (yes, that makes an ass out of you and me. Sigh) that the brother had said this to my cousin. I post

Wtf? Jealous much?

Now that might seem horrid but my brother has some anger issues.  He’s managed to scare off two girlfriends with them and he states he rules his new household with an iron fist, instilling discipline and values in “his” children.  The children are his girlfriends from her marriage. Their father still owns half the house my brother lives in and sees them every weekend.  She doesn’t want any more children so it is unlikely he will have his own kids if he stays with her.

His girlfriend just posted “your brother is one of the least jealous people I know.”

I had to laugh. He is extremely jealous.  Of me because I have my own children.  Of my Uncle because he owns the business.  Of my cousins because of the way they live their lives.  Of everyone who has something he doesn’t have.

For the record it was my other aunt who started the whole thing and I openly retracted the comment.

I’ll be willing to bet that my brother and his gf will be gunning for blood now though.


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