Almost human haircut

Last Friday I had my hair cut. Short.

Before I went I was warned by OH not to have it above shoulder length.  He doesn’t like short hair.

My hair was waist length and matted.  I’d just wash it, brush it as best I could in the limited time I had, and tie it back.  It was driving me mad.

See, when I had the Toddler, things like personal appearance fell by the wayside. Sometimes just finding 10 minutes to jump in the shower was a struggle.

Now its worse.  Now I have to carefully choose how to spend the sneaky ten minutes I get without them. And my choice was not untangling the brush from my hair for the 14th time.

So it got the chop.

It might seem a bit weird but the haircut was actually a lot more than chopping off some hair.  It was actually about feeling human again.  Mostly about feeling like me again and not Mummy Milk Bar.

When you have a baby, you suddenly go from being a creative individual to being a full-time, overtime, all the time carer. During this transition you can lose part of yourself.

I hid behind the mummy mask.  It made me fearless and less self-conscious yes, but it also meant I wasn’t me.

I love the newfound confidence and the fact that my personal appearance means next to nothing to me.  I can walk into any room and not give a crap.ic they stare at my jogging bottoms, faded t-shirt and flip-flops. But sometimes its nice to have a picture taken or catch a glimpse of myself and not think “oh well, I look shit because I’m a mum.”


2 responses to “Almost human haircut

  1. that is SHORT but it looks lovely 🙂
    (caught your blog via Netmums – hello)

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