Baby jabs part 2

Monday.  World renown for being a typically shit day.

And last Monday…well, it had good bits and bad bits.

I should explain that O was due to go for his jabs that day and that I had already had a palavar booking them. I didn’t get a chance to go and do the forms with the surgery until he was just over 4 weeks which is probably why this whole confusion has occurred.  Well, I expect that’s what they’ll tell me anyway.

Jabs were booked for Monday. 6 week check for Thursday.

Back to Monday.

I psyched myself up.  It’s always nerve-wracking when they have jabs because they tend to howl. Its worse if you have to hold them down.  Even though I have done multiple injection sessions with my eldest, I still get butterflies.

I parked the car outside my mums house and walked up to the surgery, then went round to the room they put by specifically for baby injections on a Monday.

I waited, chatted to a couple of mums, chatted to the student nurse who has been shadowing my health visitor, then got called in.  I handed over his red boon and the nurse asks me if I’ve had his 6 week check.

I said no…and they said they can’t do any immunisations until the check has been done.

Argh! Why wasn’t this picked up when I phoned up? Why had I still not received a reminder about the 6 week check anyway?  Had I been a first time mum, I may not have even known that a 6 week check was necessary. Poor service I believe. Oscar was 9 weeks on the 2nd of August. Only three weeks too late.

Sadly this is not the first time I have fallen off the system.  In February, when I was about 25 weeks pregnant, I received a smear reminder.  Sigh.  Just sigh.

Oscar successfully had his check and jabs on Thursday, and thanks to the lovely Sister, he is also booked in for his next lot of injections. See, these things don’t have to be complicated!


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