Evil social Media

I love Twitter.  I love our hashtag group. I love how my message can be instantly out there and other people can choose to amplify it, or respond to it.  I love the spontaneity of debate or comradery that can be built by one message being tweeted again and again by people until the words are out there.

I love facebook. It keeps me in touch with my friends and family.  It enables me to like the things they are interested in and to discover new music.  I love how I can watch an event come together from just one broadcast message.

The riots have tainted social media, souring its sweet good points.

The thugs were using it to communicate, to amplify their evil message, to meet other petty minded scum who are greedy and inconsiderate to say the least.

And to hear that they were using it to encourage this foul behaviour in my own town makes me positively sick.  I am horrified and disgusted and ashamed by what I saw on the news on Monday night.

I was so glad for the power of Twitter where I could share my horror with other people, and watch the evolution of a hashtag for a large-scale clean up mission. But again, this is bitter-sweet.  The instant support just went to prove how quickly an army could be summoned.

The sites are not to blame.  It’s the way in which they are being used that is perpetuating a sickening message.


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