The dangers of blogging

I fear I may have made a bit of a faux pas.

You see, the other day, I emailed someone who is quite central to some very important decisions for me (a similar thing happened last time I was on mat leave) but I left the link to my blog on the replying email.

Then I had someone go through my entire blog.  Cue Paranoia.

Paranoia:It was her, she read through your blog.  It’s why she hasn’t replied.

Rational: she’s busy.  That’s why she hasn’t replied.  And her being busy is a good thing.

Paranoia: She’s decided she wouldn’t want someone with your temperament sullying the good name of the occupation.

Rational: Ok, so you had some shit days.  We all have shit days.  So what?  You just aren’t afraid to talk about them.

Paranoia: She’s sorting out a visit from social.

Rational: Even your health visitor isn’t doing that! She’s most likely talking to some people in the area so she can give you more info.

Paranoia: You’ve totally screwed up your chances.

Rational: The blog is about personal stuff.  Not business.  Business would require a new email which is unrelated.

So, should I censor what I write about? No. This is my space which gives me my freedom to write about my opinions. No one should be able to take that away.

Should I go careful before sending emails with the blog address in the signature? For sure.

Lesson learned.


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