52 weeks

As I will be discussing some work related bits and bobs over the next few weeks and don’t want to keep repeating myself, tonight’s blog is to tell you about my maternity arrangement with my employer.

I started my current job in February 2009 as a temp.  There were some politics involved in my appointment but they are for another post.

Anyway, I was pregnant at the time and, as I’d suffered as part of the first wave of recession redundancies, was just glad to have a job.  They made me a permanent member of staff on the 1st of April 2009.

I left for maternity leave the first time on 17th July 2009 but didn’t qualify for maternity pat from them, so I claimed statutory maternity from the government for 9 months and returned to work three days a week in April 2010.

This time, I left for maternity on the 11th of April 2011 and as I had served over a year (they count maternity leave as continuous employment) I qualified for full pay for six months…provided I return and serve 52 weeks.

So, there you have it.  We needed the full pay, so I had to promise to go back for 52 weeks.  If I decide not to return now, I have to pay back everything paid to me above statutory, including pre tax and tax and NI deductions.

I think I made the wrong decision.


6 responses to “52 weeks

  1. Always difficult. I decided not to go back after having my second and as I had claimed maternity pay had to pay back almost £2000, which was hard! It was so hard to look ahead though and know how I would feel. Still think I made the right choice though. 🙂

    • I’m leaning that way. It would be around 3k for me not to return. Part of me thinks I should just put up and shut up and be grateful I have a job, but my passion lies in a different direction and I can’t go with it while I’m still working where I’m working now.

  2. But being £3k down wouldn’t help you set off in that new direction either. Go back, the year will pass very quickly, and see what you can do over the year to prepare for new venture, be that financially, academically or something else.

    • True. However, childcare for the year costs just under 11k! Not including what it costs me in petrol to get there in the first place. (Yearly wage on current salary before tax is 11,200 as I only do 21hrs.) Full time was too expensive on childcare. I’m looking at the possibility of doing more hrs amd cutting down time spent at childminders, but that’s proving quite complex.

  3. Wow that one is difficult. No idea what I’d do. Having a secure job is great, having maternity pay is great, having to pay it all back not so great. Guess it depends on what your new direction involves and how taking the £3k hit would impact on that. As Claire2101 says, a year goes quick. But then being unhappy for a year is awful too. It’s a no win solution either way. Good luck in whatever you decide. x

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