The reins of terror

31st July we braved the supermarket with two babies and no pushchair.  What a dumb freaking idea that was.

Toddler wears reins. I know, terrible parent. My bro always had reins and I am terrified she will run off without them, so I put her reins on. I have never before been ashamed of using them…but that Sunday I was.

She pulled, threw herself on the floor, required verbal admonishment. I felt like I was training a dog or small pony, not a small child.  So now I have a moral dilemma (and I’m worried about having marked her)  do we continue to use the reins or let her loose? I cannot stand the thought of her running into the path of an on coming car, but I don’t know how she is ever going to learn to walk nicely otherwise.



4 responses to “The reins of terror

  1. Same issue here, similar age gap. Twin buggy wont go on a bus so single pram with buggy board & reins seems like a good option. I was thinking of reins near roads & letting him walk in pedestrianised areas but I’m not sure he’d understand the different approaches. Haven’t actually bought reins yet. I also don’t like them but need to know he won’t run into the road.

    • She has good days and bad days with them. On good days I barely need them. On bad days, I’m That Mum. I don’t want her to be hanging on them and want to use them as an aid rather than restraint, but when they tug and pull and hang off them for fun, its hard.

  2. Have you tried the backpacdk with the strap that you hold? Then You can let her pack up stuff with them – or little one in a sling and bigger one in a trolley?

    • It was a one off, but next time will do sling and trolley.

      She has a birthday coming up and I’ve heard about the backpack things so I’ll look into it. On the reins she reminds me of the naughty small pony I used to ride. Lol.

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