Finding common ground

A weird thing happened on the way to the supermarket.

You see, I’m not massively social and I can be painfully shy, however, my job means I have to speak to everyone and anyone which is a skill both my brother and I have.  Before I manage to massively offend someone that is.

Anyway, I was walking along and in front of me was another mum with one very sweet blonde boy trailing behind her.  She was pushing along the same pushchair as I have but with a baby sat under configuration.  My immediate thought was “poor woman…3 tiny ones!”  I caught up with her (not in a stalky way, but because her eldest was picking dandelions and kept stopping) as we got to the underpass.

The Toddler loves to sing in the tunnels and this lady’s little boy was doing just that.  She looked a little uncomfortable but I told her I was surprised the Toddler wasn’t joining in.

We had a chat about the 2 year age gap, saying how hard it was.  The bottom chair of her pushchair was occupied by a cuddly toy.  We (well me at least) were glad to have found a kindred spirit, if only for a passing chat, to share some highs and lows about having two kids close together, potty training and walking without reins.

It was nice.  Maybe it was a fleeting connection, but it was just what I needed while having a momentary mummy confidence crisis.


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