Toddler Tea shop



Jigsaw puzzle soup, served with a side of stacking cup

Fork in a teapot


Babywipe surprise.
Babywipe lovingly cooked and presented on a hairbrush.

Snap card pie
Large portion of snap cards, each delicately folded and placed in a large stacking cup.

Hot banoky
An obviously hot liquid which needs cooling by blowing on.


More fork in a teapot

Prechewed raisins

Small cup of tea to be downed in one.


5 responses to “Toddler Tea shop

  1. Sounds interesting can I come for tea ? Xxx

  2. Sounds delicious. Can I reserve a table for my birthday? Say, 8.30? Our usual spot by the window, if that’s OK.

  3. Yum. We often tea party in the garden. Sand and mud with grass sprinkles can taste delicious you know.

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