I was going to write an angry ranty post about last friday, but…well, you know when you get so pissed off about something you become calm about it? Yeah, that’s happened. So I’m just going to post about how it was another Bad Day.

The wedding meant that she didn’t go to the childminder on Wednesday, but I had arranged for her to go an Thursday instead. Well, she woke up and began lolling and whingeing before she was even dressed. We figured that she would get sent home if we sent her, so we kept her here.

Friday, however, she was back to normal and couldn’t wait to go back to see all the other boys and girls and I wasn’t sure I would be able to tolerate her being home again, so we sent her and I got to enjoy a day with O…


O and I were having our afternoon nap when my phone rings. The number came up but there was no name attached to it. However, my heart sank as I’d seen that number before. I Googled it to check. Yep. Childminder.

I tried phoning her mobile and there was no answer, so I waited a minute and phoned the landline back. One of the other ladies answered.

Me: Hi, it’s L’s mum. Whats up?
Her; You’ll have to come and get her.
Me: What’s up with her now?

(I half expected it to be this diarrhea she keeps getting there that doesn’t rear its head at home.)

Her: It’s not her. The Childminder has gone into anaphylactic shock and will need an ambulance.

Oh crap. This was the second shock for the childminder in 7 days.

Me: How long have we got?
Her: it’s just swelling at the moment but in about half an hour her airways will close and we’ll need to call an ambulance. All the children need to go before then.

So, I chucked O in the car and went to pick up the Toddler. This shock was caused by the drugs from the first shock wearing off. If the children weren’t picked up, they would have been turned over to Social Services. Seriously? I don’t know if any of the kids did end up with Social, but that’s a bit extreme. The reason we have to go get our kids if the Childminder goes into shock, even though there are 4 or 5 other people there is that no one else is insured as part of her business to be there. Seems a bit silly from our point of view, but there you go.

Anyway, I got The Toddler home and realised they hadn’t sent her antibiotics. So I phoned the Dr and got the to write another prescription. I changed O’s bum and went to change Madams and …

Hives. A huge red speckled welt all up her leg. I was horrified. I phoned OH who said he would come home as soon as he could and phoned the Drs again to book and appointment. I won’t do a bit about how the phone rang and rang on the appointment line again. Luckily, they let me book an appointment via the enquiries line.

I rushed her up to the surgery. The Dr checked her over and it turned out to be heat rash.

So yeah, all in all, last week wasn’t brilliant!


2 responses to “Friday

  1. Social services?? Yes that is a bit extreme! Is the childminder out yet?

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