Booby Mummy?

As you know, last week my little girl was quite ill.  She had a temperature on and off and was on antibiotics for a “crackley lung.”

We were all at my mums having our normal Monday night gathering.  It was,quite obvious she was off colour but she wasn’t being terrible.

O was feeding on and off and had just finished when the Toddler wandered up.

“Cuddle?” She asked,me, pulling the I’m so tired and really need some mummy love face.  I hoisted her onto my lap and she immediately nuzzled into my neck.  Then I felt on odd, wet…

“Lick!” She exclaimed, lapping at my neck. “Lick!”

She then started licking my T-shirt right by my boobs and saying lick lick!  She tried to lift my top, eventually saying “boob.”

I had to say no. As much as I have seriously considered renewing our feeding relationship I already have one child who drinks me dry throughout the day. I think two would just exhaust me.

It is the first time she has asked.  She has had plenty of opportunity to be curious, but she has mostly looked, watched and listened to me feeding and said “mummy feeding Oscar. Oscar’s eating! Having a drink.”

Since last Monday she hasn’t asked again.  It makes a little sad as I’ve had to concede that our special mummy cuddles time has definitely ended with no chance of being revived.

Would you have used the opportunity to resume feeding?


3 responses to “Booby Mummy?

  1. I’m not sure but Tori has taken to poking my nipples (when I’m trying to feed Arthur) and gleefully yelling ‘button! Mummy button!’ Which is fine when we’re at home but it’s somewhat embarrassing when other people are around!!!

    • Eek! It’s bad enough when the child being fed pulls your top up and then comes off to expose you to the world, let alone having another child come in! I don’t get embarrassed any more; so used to flopping them out when needed lol. I try and breastfeed everywhere I go. The weirder, the better!

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