The co-sleepless night

Last Sunday I was exhausted.  Id not had a lay in as the children insist on tag team waking from about 5 am, so after lunch, OH had let me go back to bed for an hour after feeding O.

I was so grateful to crawl back under the covers and snatch an hours kip.  Then they came up.  All of them.  I bought O back downstairs giving The Toddler some snuggly daddy time.

Well, she went to sleep…for ages.  And was really groggy when she woke up.  We took her temperature and it was 38.2. She was flushed and fussy and lethargic.  It seemed to just be a fever, so we kept up her fluids and fed her as normal.  We dosed her up with Calpol (magic stuff) and put her to bed as normal.

She was not going to settle.  She kept screaming and burning up.  In the end OH moved her to our bed and we learned the hard way why we have never co-slept and why it’s not a viable option.

We had THE WORST nights sleep ever.  Between her and him I was up every half an hour or so.  Then at 4.30 am (a normal feed for him) O behaved as expected and refused to go back to bed to settle.  I know you’re not supposed to fall asleep with them on your chest but it is the only way to get him back to asleep after that early feed otherwise my say of shouting and other angry baby noises begins then. So there were 4 of us in the bed, trying to keep covers on 3 of us and off her.

Never co-sleeping.  She’s been really good at going back to her own bed.  Mind you, I’m tougher than daddy and wouldn’t have let her in our bed in the first place!


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