The Gamer

I’m going to end my geekweek by saying that I’ve had fun talking about the other side that isn’t a Mummy.

This other side wouldn’t be complete without chatting about my gaming addiction.  The ironic thing is that as this blog is being published I’m actually out at a party, having a life and being social, not glued to the computer, taking instructions from a raid leader and having possibly some of the best times of the last few years!

See, I used to play…

World of Warcraft.  If you don’t want to read a WoW related post, close the window now.  I’ve also dabbled in Rift, Warhammer and Eve.  I had a go at LOTRO but found it held no attraction for me.

Now, I know most of you have seen a picture of the actual real me and are probably wondering how someone so hot and sexy ended up being drawn into WoW.  It started with OH. He was in one of the top raiding guilds on his server and was raiding regularly with his mage.  I thought it was all pretty sad, until he rolled me a druid and I played…

Then I ended up with my own account on a PvE server playing with some people from work.  I moved from guild to guild as I leveled and finally reached 70 (This is in the days of the Burning Crusade) and then became one of the most respected resto druids in the guild.

After the massive nerf of the dungeons, I 5 manned Karazhan (I LOVE Karazhan.) and two manned a lot of the level 70 5 man content with a retri paladin. It took over my life and I didn’t care.  I had two healers and was regularly asked to bring them to raids.  I would spend hours staring at the computer.

Then we got made redundant and they bought out WOTLK and our hours played soared.  We both hit 80 within a couple of weeks which was no mean feat seeing as I was leveling with a full on restoration spec!

I became a specialist healer and raided new content almost every night.  Then I fell pregnant.

You know how people say that you get food aversions when you’re pregnant? Well, I had a gaming aversion. I just stopped playing.  Couldn’t even stand the thought of logging in.  There was some political crap going on in the guild anyway which didn’t help but I couldn’t even bring myself to grind.

So, finally, just after The Toddler was born, I cancelled my subscription.

I don’t think the addiction ever fades though.  I’ve played Cataclysm – I had ten days free and access to the Beta – and every time I see a beautiful piece of scenery I think about the different areas in WoW.  Life would be so much more simple of we could live in a video game fighting dragons and doing random quests for money.



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