Why I need an EEE Pad Transformer

Yesterdays post was a little bit of a cop out as far as geekery goes. However, tv is an important part of our lives and as you can see from the run down, something we do a lot. I spend most days saying “Don’t touch that, its got poo on it”, “Baby, please don’t poke your brother, I’m pretty sure he doesn’t like it.” “No, O doesn’t need crayons in his bed.” And pointing to the tv in an attempt to distract her from a nefarious activity.

Well, today I’m going to compare the devices I have access to and tell you why they are not as suitable as an eee pad transformer would be for using while pinned to the sofa by a hungry child. This persuasive act will not change the fact that we cannot afford this piece of kit and I have already touched briefly on the subject here. However, here I go again.

I’ll begin with desktop, which is at present our only active desktop. It is the only device in the run down running Windows and as I can’t be bothered to get Wine running properly (I’m technically non technical now anyway) it is also our gaming box. As a desktop is not portable, it’s not massively practical for daytime use anyway. It would mean hours being sat on an uncomfortable chair, fending off instant messages directed at the OH. This machine is always on and gets used to aid OH in his shooting of other helpless players in the evenings. I do occasionally use this machine, but only when the children are sleeping and I’m not.

I have a laptop. A Dell XPS to be precise. It runs Ubuntu. The problem I have with this machine during the day is the serious overheating issue. The fans are not ideally placed and the bezel is metal so it makes for burnt hands if it’s left on for extended periods. I’m not sure if any of you have tried to use a laptop while small children are grabbing at the keyboard, but it’s not easy. If she doesn’t get to type/pull out keys, she goes into full tantrum mode. We have enough tantrums without inducing them.

The netbook I have is dying a death. It’s old, the solid state disk isn’t happy and it’s been battered. We reinstalled it with kubuntu to try to make it faster. What it actually did was put the nail in the SSDs coffin and make it run like a snail. Not practical for window switching.

Then, last but not least we have my phone. I draft most of the blogs on my phone and then finalise them on the computer. I love my smartphone and I love Android. The issues I have are the tiny onscreen keyboard and the battery life. Smartphones don’t have a massively long battery life if you’re constantly tweeting, making notes and answering calls from the childminder (more about this later)

The EEE pad transformer solves all these problems. It’s mobile, unlikely to overheat, doesn’t have a fixed keyboard, has a keyboard you can type on, has an impressive battery life and won’t be dying a death. I’ll also be able to use it in bed overnight to help get me through the difficult nightfeeds. It runs Android, which, as stated above, I do adore as an OS.

There you have it. Reasons why I need one of these machines.


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