Childrens tv

I am  a bad parent.

It’s true.  I’m a TV parent.  We have the TV on all the time when we’re here.  OK, yes it’s horrible, terrible and I’m rotting my daughters mind.  Never mind the fact that she’s advanced for her age, her vocabulary is that of a 3 year old and she is able to imaginatively play on her own.  TV is the devil.  She’s also desensitized to it so we go somewhere with a TV and she doesn’t take a blind bit of notice and would rather find the crayons and start drawing on things.

Anyway, all that aside, whatever your opinions on children watching inordinate amounts of TV, I’m here to discuss the programmes themselves.

Mostly, we have CBeebies on.  The channel aimed at preschoolers.  And I know that preschoolers have a strange way of thinking.

We like Mr Tumble.  We call for Mr Tumble every time we go outside.  If Justin Fletcher ever comes to our city, we are going to have to see him.  The man is a children’s entertainment legend!  Gigglebiz makes us all laugh.

We like 3rd and Bird.  The singing is cute.  The songs are catchy.  There is a moralistic message behind each episode (as there are with most children’s programmes now – I don’t remember Trap Door having a moralistic message!) but I can ignore this for the cute singing and Muffin.  We love Muffin.

We like Mr Blooms Nursery.  She likes it for entirely different reasons.  It seems Mr Bloom has been causing a fuss on Twitter with the Mummies.  Most of us think he’s something of a hotty. We’ll leave that there. (I do think I’ve seen every episode!)

She loves Show Me Show Me.  I’m annoyed by it.  As a programme though, it’s not bad.  It’s informative and they sing (which is always a winner in our house) and she does learn things from Chris and Pui.

We adore Yoko, Jakamoko, Toto.  Very funny.  Theme tune is very catchy and we often find ourselves doing a duet.

Chuggington is a firm favourite as is Timmy but these are not part of the regular scheduling now.

I didn’t understand Zingzillas to begin with, but now I get it, I think it’s brilliant.  The work of pure genius.  Particularly as music education in schools is being cut.  Music is an important part of personal development and self-expression and the Zingzillas encourage exploration of different sounds, moods identified by music and exposure to all sorts of instruments.  Love it love it love it!

Small potatoes and Baby Jake.  I’m not sure about these.  She seems to like them for the music factor and I believe that Small potatoes at least is made by the same people who make 3rd and Bird.  I was exposed to Baby Jake for the first time today and thought WTF?  It’s drivel.  I shall give it another go on Thursday, but I’m not convinced.  In the same way that, even after all these years, I still do not like the Teletubbies.  I don’t like the way that they don’t talk properly.  I don’t like the constant sunshine.  I don’t like the freaky sun baby.  The same with In The Night Garden.  It’s awful.  the more I watch the worse that series gets.  Makka Pakka uses the same sponge to wash faces as he does to wash stones!  And that is not the weirdest thing about it!

I don’t like the Green balloon club.  I hate it.  The guy in it is weird.   I understand that we all should be doing our bit to save water and fuel, and we do, but I don’t want that shoved down my children’s throat via the medium of songs sung by unconvincing stage school children.  Sorry.  I switch that crap off.

So, there you have it.  My run down of likes and dislikes from the current CBeebies schedule.  Told you we watch it a lot!


2 responses to “Childrens tv

  1. Great post. I refuse to feel guilty about TV. My son also watches what I’m sure is ‘too much’ TV in terms of hours, especially now I’ve had a second baby and have less time for playing. However, I do think it’s what they’re watching that’s important. There are some really excellent programmes for pre-schoolers. My problem is that now he is 3 (and has mastered the Sky remote) it’s much harder to keep steering him towards stuff I’m happy with. I’m definitely with you on ‘The Green Balloon Club’, seems a bit cult like to me.

    • Our eldest knows how to change chanel, but rarely does. She also asks for it to be turned off, or turns it off herself.
      I agree that it’s great for helping when you’re dealing with baby 2.

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