Kinect and Kinectimals

 OH  loves his games. He loves his XBox 360. I purchased his XBox 360 for his birthday 3 ish years ago. It’s a black elite. I had just finished a night shift when I had to wrap it up and I decided that padding it out with balls of newspaper before putting the wrapping paper on it would disguise it. It was an epic wrapping fail. It’s been in for repair once due to the graphics card having a flid and making everything pink. But he still loves it.

And it is this love which makes it the perfect tool to connect with his kids via something he loves. I encourage her to ding, dance and do creative things. He brings out her inner geek. She’s still way too young for the controller. She just about manages to hit buttons and she can see that they are having an effect but she doesn’t really understand how to use the pad to move around. This is why the Kinect is so amazing.

It’s fun for all of us. Even I can manage to wave an arm to hit a ball. Again, The Toddler doesn’t quite understand that she doesn’t need to touch the TV in order for actions to happen, but she’s getting there.

We bought Kinectimals for her when we bought the Kinect. She LOVEs it . She calls it “Tiger” as there’s a tiger on the box. She actually has the pets picked by daddy (a serval and a black panther) and daddy spends a lot of time “helping” her but she does adore it. She says “Tiger – kick the ball” and she will play the football game. She also shouts “Xbox – play disc!” at random intervals. It’s all extremely cute. Once she gets the hang of it, I’m sure they’ll have hours of fun together fussing over the “Kitcats”.

The game is simple in its premise. You can’t die (as far as I can see) and it gets you jumping all around the room as you train your kitty to do different tricks and activities. The small amount of time I’ve spent playing I’ve enjoyed. It’s a fun, furry frolic through colourful fields and engaging short tasks.  I wouldn’t play it for an extensive amount of time, but it’s good to dip in and out of.  It’s also ideal for all ages and definitely pulls high scores on the cuteness metre!

On a side note, we also got Child of Eden, a short review of which can be found here.


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