Sci-fi convention

Soo yes. We are geeks in this house. We flit in and out of Dr who, OH watches Star Trek when he thinks no one can see him, we know all about Stargate SG1 and I can name most episodes of Red Dwarf in the first 5 minutes without watching the title screen.

We have introduced The Toddler to Dr who and she thinks the scary bits (and even I look away sometimes) are cool.  So when our friend John found a local collectors convention our inner geeks tingled and we said yes.

The main headliner if you will was Chris Barrie of Red Dwarf fame. Now, I had a HUGE crush on Rimmer when I was 17 (I know, I know eww right? Told you, I was quite messed up!) so this obviously added another dynamic to the proceedings.  I shall hopefully get a chance to blog about such a dynamic later one.  But for now, I will stick to geekery.

We thought event was the Sunday but J our Red Dwarf obsessed friend phoned at 9 to say no, it was indeed Saturday and he was not missing out on the chance to miss Chris.  He likes him for entirely different reasons.

Being caught at short notice was for once not a huge problem. We were mostly organised and easily ready to meet up at mid day and this was including the trip to the supermarket to get our picnic food as we has no idea what would be there and couldn’t risk not being able to feed the Toddler.

We were all convention virgins so we had no idea what to expect. We expected a lot of people to be dressed up. We also expected to see a lot of geeks.  Luckily, we are also geeks so this would not be too much of a shock to our systems.

We got there and ended up having our picnic in the car boot before J and his girlfriend L met up with us. I got super excited about daleks while J freaked over Chris Barrie.  (I was kind of dreading going to that bit of the hall.)

The first hall was dedicated to the dealers, traders and the actors signing pictures.  J joined the queue to get Chris Barries signature and we headed through the second hall…which turned out to be nerd HEAVEN.

ON entering we were greeted by the reptile display including HUGE lizards.  In the past I’ve been tempted to own one of these creatures, but they need a lot of looking after and I’m very inexperienced so it’s not really fair for me to take this on.  I like to look at them though.

Then we spotted the Tardis:

I was pretty much ready to wet myself with excitement at this alone.  But the room had plenty more goodies.  There were Storm Troopers and a very good David Tennant Dr Who and the DALEKS!  One of which was roaming round shouting exterminate with charity box. This set off something in me and I had a proper moment.  I had to run away from it as it totally freaked me out.  You know when you have a fear of spiders and you spot one on the wall and have to keep checking where it is until your Other Half comes in with the glass and paper to get rid of it?  Yeah, I was doing that with the dalek. The stationary ones didn’t quite have the same effect:

We met k9, which she didn’t like.

The Toddler also didn’t mind delorean and even let us take her picture with Daddy in front of it.

Js L was in love with that car and kept going back for more.  She couldn’t leave it alone. We never would have pictured her as the Back to the Future type, but she is totally obsessed with those films and although she was apprehensive to begin with, she probably enjoyed the day as much if not more than the rest of us.
The other side of the hall housed a mini playable robot wars ring and a full sized house robot – Major damage:

Of course, the boys couldn’t resist having a go at the mini game:

I kept spotting things. It was total geeky organised chaos and I loved it.

We HAD to have our picture taken with the 7ft Darth Vader. I asked him where he wanted me for our pic and he said “Anywhere you like, I’m easy!”  However, at that point he must have touched The Toddlers hand because she freaked out and sadly the picture didn’t come out too well:

They had free roaming R2D2s built and exhibited by the R2D2 builders club:

And Cybermen:

We then we watched someone climb into one of the dalek and saw how it all worked. This made me much less scared and more full of awe. I love daleks. I’ve always loved them.

We took a break and I got my “feeding a baby on a park bench outside a convention while being watched by some weird guy” badge.

Back inside the room, there was a dalek on door. I decided to test my newfound confidence with them and the bastard sprayed me full in the face with water.

Part of the reptile exhibition that was had been purposefully avoiding were the giant spiders.  These are much less scary in real life than in pictures.  How can you be scared of something that’s covered in fur?  Ok, I wouldn’t touch them, but I got a lot closer to them than I would the big wood spiders we get in our house.  They were as big as a mans hand!  She kept saying “INCEY SPIDER!”  She likes spiders though. She’s been caught eating them and has already handed me the corpse of a spindly one.  She likes to poke them.
Optimus prime put in an appearance:

I kept being drawn to the daleks.  After speaking to one of the operators, we found out they were all fan built and took about 18 months to complete.  Most of them were able to be operated by both remote control and by sitting in them.

I’m going to just indulge myself and post some more pictures of them here:

See, I do love them.  A lot.  But not as much as our friend:

(The guy who owns this dalek was perfectly aware and happy that it was being snogged.  J promised not to use tongues.)


9 responses to “Sci-fi convention

  1. Ha ha, I used to be a Red Dwarf fanatic, didn’t have a crush on Chris Barrie though as that’s just a bit weird. Why was there a repile and spider section at a sci fi exhibition, that’s all a bit weird too. Glad you all had fun.

    • no idea about the reptile thing. I’m guessing stereotyping was involved and they assumed geeks and nerds like reptiles and spiders? Red Dwarf doesn’t appear to have aged as well as it should tbh. This makes me a little sad for the state of britcom.

  2. Aw that sounds great, being a fellow sci fi geek I’d have LOVED this convention!!
    I was a huge Red Dwarf fan in my teens and even now could tell you what episode was on from 1 minute of it being on, so I’d have been wetting myself with excitement at the thought of meeting ‘Rimmer!’
    As for the Back to the Future car, could you sit in it?! I’d have been in it like a shot!
    As I said, I’m a geek lol! 🙂

    • Yeah, you could sit in it. Our mates girlfriend kept going back to it and jumping in it. The guy who owns it drives it around and lends it out for weddings. I can get the number for you if you’re planning on getting married (or having a special occasion) soon 😛

      I didn’t meet him, for obvious reasons (it’s a bit strange. I’m guessing I’ll have to go into details about it in another blog at some point!) but I walked past him a few times.

      I’m going to keep my eyes open for more of these. I think they run this one every year in Eastleigh. Well worth it!

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