Refuse Strike Update.

They are back at the moment, so some people have had collections. Bbc news says it could take them weeks to catch up. (Duh). Apparently they have also been warned that people who do not return to work on Monday will be dismissed, therefore potentially compounding the problem by diminishing the workforce. They are due to strike again on Tuesday. It’s hardly likely that we are going to get our litter collected for another couple of weeks.

I will be complaining to them.

As an alternate point of view, someone posted this on Facebook:

This is one of the reasons I much prefer Twitter. I went to school with this person. They are fairly angry and ranty. Seems I am too. I can see what they are saying, but they are being extremely general about the people complaining. I personally pay the council tax out of my slim part-time wages. It also touched a nerve with the suggestion that people who don’t want to put their 6 week old partially fermented waste in their cars to drive to the tip are simply lazy. If we are concerned that the waste is a health hazard while it is sat in bags outside our houses, we are unlikely to want to put it into the small confined space within a car while we queue for the tip on a warm day!

My blood still boils about the whole situation, especially as the it is so bad we’ve ended up with bags which are literally full of shit inside the house. The city centre looks like a scene from the apocalypse and no one is backing down. Something has to give!


One response to “Refuse Strike Update.

  1. We drove into Southampton yesterday and couldn’t believe the state of the streets. It did remind me of a scene from a zombie movie with rubbish blowing in the streets. And no way would I want to share a car with my boys’ stinky nappies thank you very much – that is just bizarre.

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