Phil & Teds update 2

Ok, I believe my last update on this contraption was when we were still using it 1 man.  Since then, we have expanded the family by one and are unable to wuss out and use the Mothercare jobby.

Obviously being forced to use a product automatically puts it into the dislike category for me however I’m starting to learn that it’s not all evil. For starters it can turn on a sixpence.  It’s totally easy to double back on yourself in Sainsburys without needing an entire aisle. This is, of course, provided there are no steps, kerbs or badly laid paving slabs…but more on this later. It also holds two children and barring that third wheel (which actually seems to be the bane of most of its faults) is around the same size as a normal pushchair.  I do love the width. I used it with one of the panniers on today and still found it cleared doorways with ease.

When we first got it, I loathed the baby under configuration and I’m still not totally convinced by the baby in footwell idea, but for a laying down baby and toddler, baby under works.  When she is in the top seat, he is cozy and mostly covered.   I would even go as far as to say that he loves it because it is almost womb-like.  When the pushchair is moved, or she moves, the cot part swings gently. This caused a little concern for me at first but it is such a soft swaying that again I would say it imitates the motion felt in utero.

There is still sadly not enough space for my shopping, the top seat seems a bit flimsy when madam is pulling around in it, there are too many buckles, zips, catches and fastenings and it makes you look like a twat when you’re trying to put it up.  There are also so many bits to it and they don’t fit in the shopping basket and panniers.  If you had to take it in its entirety somewhere, you would need to drive.

Then we have that front wheel.  Wheels on my previous pushchairs have caused some issues if you land on them while they are pointing at a ninety degree angle but I’ve found this easy to push through with minimum distraction to passengers.  Today a ninety degree angle wheel forced us to a grinding halt…in a road. Pushing through caused the whole pushchair to judder, waking O.  It is most likely my driving style and a partially flat tyre, but aren’t I the kind of idiot they really want slamming this thing into kerbs?  I seem to be awesome at slamming it into other people’s feet!

I also had a problem getting it out over the standard seal on our standard pvc front door.  I decided to go backwards so as to not risk having it resting on the third wheel at all and the back wheels refused to go over the seal. There must be a knack to it (I bloody hate knacks) but I couldn’t get it to budge.  It doesn’t appear to be practical to lift the back end using the handle due to weight distribution so I had to bend down and use the chassis to haul it over.  Ok, this is doable in your own home, but not great if you’re out trying to get into a shoe shop.

Having said all this though, I WOULD recommend this pushchair if you have 2 under 2. I’m finding it is endearing itself to me and I’m so much more patient with it now I know what we (the pushchair and I) are capable of. I know I’m not and never will be able to push it to its limits but it is doing a good job of keeping my children comfortable when I feel the need to walk somewhere and even loaded with Toddler, newborn, all their associated crap and some of my crap I can still drive and steer it with one hand!  It’s also wise to keep in mind that we have an older second hand model that has already been heavily used and sat in by three children, so I would expect it to have developed a little personality.

Damn you Phil & Teds, you are winning me over!


3 responses to “Phil & Teds update 2

  1. I think somebody – I correct myself – a mother, with 2 kids needs to design a buggy as none seem to do everything! Can it really be that difficult to design??!!! We started with a Jane Twin Two – heavy and hard to turn but great to fold and went through doors but when T1 and T2 started getting bigger whoever was in the back used to kick the one in front. Now onto a twin Out N About Nipper 360 – turns one handed, light as a feather but does it go through doorways, does it heck. Plus it’s a nightmare to fold. Grrr. Buggy bashing is my fav subject.

    • Everyone I know with one of these loves it but no one tells you about that bloody third wheel!! We were looking at the side by side ones when I was expecting but our hallway is super narrow and I’m a terrible buggy driver.

  2. The Reality is this, Phil and teds were a geat company that made fantastic products, all the problems started when they got these high flying desginers in, Philipe Brace is the head of design , he created the Vibe and Dash, both of witch have had major in market consumer issues, also the recalls have been frequent, its such a shame to see a great company have these terrible problems

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