Everything stinks

Our rubbish situation is going beyond a joke.

The binmen are on strike and have been for almost 5 weeks.  Our bin hummed anyway, but now the air everywhere is rancid with the stench of 5 week old litter.  This is now a health hazard.  Stop taking the piss.

The binmen are punishing those who pay council taxes, those who are sick and those with weak immune systems to stop themselves being affected by the recession.  Bad news refuse collectors…the people are losing sympathy for your plight.  Everyone is already being affected by the recession.  My partner and I both lost our jobs as a result.

I hate it.  I hate having a wheelie bin full of almost month old shit…literally shit at the end of my driveway.  I hate that you can practically see the stink lines emanating from the overflowing bins. I hate to think what breathing the pungent air is doing to my children.

I could load up my car, drive to the tip, but I’m already paying for someone else to do that for me.  You don’t buy a dog and bark yourself.

Sorry if this offends anyone, but it’s fast becoming the opinion of the majority.


2 responses to “Everything stinks

  1. Jeebus! Where do you live?? *preparing to cross destination off to visit list*

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