Poo Leg

This weekend hasn’t been the best, I’ll admit. The highlight of it has been figuring out how many shitty nappies I can change in any given hour ( the record being about four I believe!)

With Potty Training week beginning tomorrow, I thought I would get in early with my post about poo in inappropriate places as there are bound to be a few accidents!

The Toddler is still in nappies.  She’s ready to be trained, asks for the potty and will remove her own nappy if it’s too full.

We began training whan I was still pregnant but when encumbered by two stone of bump I found it too difficult to chase around after her with a potty when I was here alone.  The training sadly fell by the wayside.  The childminder would like her training to be more established than “Just watch out for when she starts peeing.” before the take over, so at the moment it’s one of the Things I Have No Idea How We Will Do (there are a few of these.)

Back to the Poo.

Tonight we were at my mums having a roast dinner and I ended up changing her a little on the soon side.  I’m pretty sure this is common amongst all parents.

Me: Have you finished poopy?

Her (no longer making poo face): Yeah

So, I change.

10 minutes later and we get The Smell.  Yes, she’s added a full stop to her pooping session and it’s a fruity one. However it’s also tinged the edges of the nappy.  I tell mum to check where she’s been sat for signs of leakage (she was wearing a cotton dress with no tights and a certain well known brand of disposable which I would like to add we don’t normally have any issues with!) but we couldn’t see any poo stained furniture so the incident was quickly forgotten.

Skip forward a nappy change for her and one for him (can’t be left out!) and we’re loading up the car to come home.

OH looks down at the shin of his jeans.

OH: What’s that on my leg?

Being the wonderful partner I am, I bend down for a sniff.

Me: Yep it’s poo.

OH: What?

Me: Poo…her nappy leaked.

Mum: Oh yeah, she did slide down your leg.

OH: Oh God.

We get home.

Me: Daddy’s got Poo-Leg

Toddler: Poo-Leg Daddy, Poo-Leg!

Daddy is not impressed.  He seems to have forgotten who does the washing…



4 responses to “Poo Leg

  1. Could be worse. Could be Poo-face.

  2. Oh, jeez yes the unfinished poo sessions.Then when they are trained toddlers poo just the minute you HAVE to leave.How old is toddler?

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