A tale of Two Boobs – pt 3

Failboobs to Awesomeboobs

Oscars first feed was, as expected, slightly uncertain.  Even though I knew what I was doing, he most definitely didn’t, being only 10-20 minutes old after a very quick labour.  The room was still very fresh with everything birth and I was having a medical management of my placenta while he took his first ever sips.

His latch took a few days to perfect which caused some trauma but nothing that we couldn’t sort out.  Knowing I had done it previously meant that other methods of feeding had not even crossed my mind.

Engorgement was nowhere near as horrific this time although his irregular sleeping pattern did mean I had to hand express off some liquid gold to ease my own discomfort.

I love breastfeeding now.  No need to sterilise or warm the milk.  I don’t have to worry about bad things in the water or formula, I don’t have to worry about how long I’m going to be out or whether I have enough milk.  When he’s hungry I feed him.  No waiting about.  Anti-bodies are contantly being passed to my boy, making him strong. He’s thriving very well, going from 7lbs 13oz at birth to 10lbs 9oz at 24 days old!

I had gone from rocky uncertain breastfeeding beginnings to being able to offer the ultimate comfort to my children.



One response to “A tale of Two Boobs – pt 3

  1. Yay well done those boobies! I am glad it has worked out well for you and Oscar (even tho it is bloody knackering!) x

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