To my Dad:

You always did the best for us, even when you weren’t physically there.  You supported me through some of the worst years of my life and helped us immeasurably with the house, both when we moved in and a year afterwards.

Even though your reaction to my first pregnancy wasn’t what I would call great, you still love both the children dearly and I can see that when you cuddle them.

Thank you.  Love you.


To my Grandad F (mums dad)

I love how you’re not shy about me being your favourite,  I love that I am your favourite.  I love how you would do anything for us.  I’ll always remember the Saturday lunches.  I’m so glad and grateful you got to meet your great grandchildren.


To my Grandad M (dads dad)

You are truly an enigma, and I love it.  You’re an old skool geek and where I get my interest in technology.  I would love to sit down again and watch what you do and the way you do it.  I hope we get to see you soon.


To my OH:

Thank you for everything.   That is all.

Love you.


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