My poor midwife.

I thought that things were supposed to be easier second time round? Well things like feeding and fitting in sleep have been (with her I literally didn’t sleep for days as I was so worried about her.) but I’ve also had to make some calls to the midwife.  Here’s a list of the reasons I’ve woken her up/asked OH to phone her this time round:
Bleeding at 6 weeks pregnant.
To get the phone number of the Early Pregnancy Unit to cancel a scan
Bleeding at 16 weeks
Bleeding at 18 weeks
Throwing up followed by being unable to see at 35 weeks
Early labour
Established labour
Newborn projectile vomit
Passing a large clot

I’m hoping there won’t be any more before I’m discharged to the health visiting team.  This time has been much more dramatic than last time!


2 responses to “My poor midwife.

  1. From the moment I had my 1st contraction till the end of Iylas 1st week at home I must have phoned the hospital about 20 times! I pretty much phoned the maternity ward every time she started crying! Bet they regretted giving me the number! Ahhh well its better to be safe than sorry!

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