Day 8

Today I will update this post as and when things happen.  As much as one can with two small children anyway.

Its not even 9am and already I can tell it’s going to be one of those days.

The Toddler has been up and whinging since 6.30.  O didn’t settle until 4am.  I did get two hours sleep before then so how dare I moan.

Oh joy, the Toddler is counting out my breast pads all over the bed! There are 40 in a box and the box she has is almost brand new…

Anyway, she’s in a generally foul mood today. I’m in a crappy mood and they are cleaning our water. They aren’t turning it off but we have been advised that there may be “harmless” discolouration and between the hours of 9 and 5 we shouldn’t use the dishwasher (fine), the shower (we’ve both cleaned), or the WASHING MACHINE! My washing machine run constantly at the moment and now I can’t use it? Wtf? Also, we had to buy 10 litres of bottled water to use as I don’t want to make our family sick.  Are they going to pay for that or the two days I can’t use my utilities? No? Didn’t think so.  Its not a massive deal, but I’m tired and already pretty pissed off and O just tried to throw himself out my arms so I’m worried he’s hurt (he’s not)…

Anyway, I’ve changed three nappies so far and now its breakfast time.

10.30. Stupid Squiglet. The Toddler is exhausted already and pretty much asleep on the floor. She’s going to see Nanny this afternoon so sleep this morning isn’t a big deal (for us anyway). O is still napping. I might try and steal 20 minutes. I’m sure OH won’t mind cuddling O for a bit. I have already put him in bed once this morning only to come out and find OH holding him again.

10.39. Nap cancelled. O has just had a shit. He has gone back to sleep though…I could probably leave him for 20 mins…


11.20. O is awake and screaming as OH is changing his bum. He’s almost just woken her up with his yelling. Luckily super boob to the rescue and now he’s gulping like I’ve never fed him.

1pm. She’s awake and fed. Its pissing it down. We’ll have to drop her off at Nannies soon.

3.10pm. She’s still at home as we are unable to plan a piss up in a brewery. She’s restless and has pooed on the floor as a result of mega constipation. Annoyed with OH. Annoyed with her. Tired. Tv is crap.

4.20pm. He’s taken her out so its just o and I. O doesn’t have a clue what he wants and keeps trying to feed then deciding he doesn’t want that. He’s screaming when taken away from the boob for any longer than 5 seconds. Maybe I was wrong about him and he’s going to just screech all day like his sister. Oh, and OHs sister is sick today. Guess who she was cuddling yesterday? If he’s ill I’m going to be less than impressed. I told you…one of those days.

10.48 pm. OH on computer, The Toddler in bed. O now fine after being referred to our local walk in centre for a raised temp and fussiness.
Today was shit.


2 responses to “Day 8

  1. Fancy a hug?? you know I bet it doesn’t feel like it and you’re within your rights for wanting to punch anyone that says this, but in a couple of weeks it will get better. oh… *hug!!!!*

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