Day 5

After my breakdown on Day 4 I made a special effort to spend some time with The Toddler before she went to bed.  I had a good cry on her shoulder and told her I love her while she stroked my hair and wiped my tears away and asked me if I was ok.
Day 5 she was perfect. Yes, we had a few tantrums but she is clearly adapting.  This has made both OH and I feel a bit less guilty about bringing another child into the house and into her life.
We have had a lot of visitors today – my dad, our friends L and J, Aunty Mw with my cuz and her fiance.
L has entertained The Toddler beautifully, giving her a lot of attention and letting me do things like feed and change Oscar without fear of him being jumped on.  She doesn’t do it on purpose.  She’s actually besotted with him and just wants to give him loving affection.
I put my foot in it with L by saying to The Toddler “Go make Ls face pretty with some stickers.”  The second the words slipped out of my mouth, I tried in vain to eat them.  Fail.  I apologised profusely. You know how it is though.  I was stupid. Sigh.  She seemed to take it well and I just hope I haven’t upset her.
On another note,  my milk is in and I screwed up my booby rotation so I’ve just had to hand express and waste some of my liquid gold as he is soundo.  Rubbish.
As you can tell, mood is better and I’m back to talking shit about nothing.


2 responses to “Day 5

  1. Glad you’ve had a better day x

  2. It is sooo good to talk shit sometimes! Glad toddler is doing better and you seem a bit more relaxed.

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