Day 4

Oh crap.  What a mess.
OH and I argued like crazy.
I have some postnatal hormonal crap going on.
Oscar has started being sick after feeds and is really difficult to wind properly.
Sleep is something other people have..and my little girl is a muddle.
I believe its pretty normal for toddlers to act out at the arrival of,a new baby, but she’s become…well, I’m not even sure its her.  We think she’s just being herself but we (me ) are not handling it very well.  For a start she’s refusing to eat with a spoon now.  She also has to be carried up the stairs. She won’t go to bed at all.
I seem to spend all day telling her off again which makes me feel awful. Then, just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse…
I was on the floor changing O’s nappy for the 573577th time and she came up.  I told her not to touch and she said “go away!” Looked at me, stuck out her bottom lip and walked off.  There’s only one place she could have learned that.  She obviously now feels very left out. I feel terrible about it.  She paid the first time I had pnd and now, because she is who she is, I’m rejecting her all over again.
Day 5 is another day.


3 responses to “Day 4

  1. Hugs. Hope you’re ok Mrs. My hormones kicked in Day 4 too, along with my milk. I think I spent the whole day crying and then arguing with OH. We only have 1! So balancing a toddler, on very little sleep is definitely a challenge. Maybe “special hug time” reserved for your little girl might help? I hope she settles soon for you and that you’re all able to get some proper sleep too.

  2. I did dinner & bedtime solo last night, which actually went v smoothly as baby slept through dinner, pjs, milk, story & bed for toddler. I really enjoyed getting the toddler into bed, daddy has been doing that job for a couple of months now, but it was really nice to have the quiet cuddle time with my eldest. If your OH is around – maybe ask him to look after baby for an hour or so and you can try to reconnect with your big girl?

    It is hard but she will get through it, you all will. Hang in there x

  3. I think it’s quite common for this type of thing to happen when a new baby comes along. Jealously is one of those horrid emotions that children have to be taught NOT to feel. It’s difficult when you’re trying to entertain more than 1 child (I only have one child so I have no experience myself), but they will feel left out, despite you. Try not to be too hard on yourself.

    Today I’ve blogged about how wonderful it is to be a parent. You might enjoy it.

    CJ xx

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