I’ll always remember this song from my A level music class.  We had to pick out certain notes and annotate them.  By the end of this particular bit, the entire class was singing along.  It was pretty irritating…

Much like my daughter at the moment.  But I can’t blame her for that.  Lots of things are changing in her little world right now.  First of all, there is the fact that over the last couple of weeks she’s learnt to form 2 and 3 word sentences.  Sometimes, we even get a whole string of words thrown at us, although it is mostly gibberish.

Then there is the fact her Daddy (precious precious daddy) has a new job.  This is one of the most significant changes and is taking a toll on her behaviour.  Daddy was always around on the days when Mummy is here to help look after her.  Now Daddy doesn’t get work from home days and has to go into the office (albeit a much closer office) 5 days a week. The week before last, when this change happened, she ended up at home with just Mummy for company for four days.  She has not been with just Mummy for any length of time for probably over a year, so this threw her a bit.  She spent the whole of the first day asking where Daddy was.  She new accepts that “Daddy at work” and doesn’t seem to be outwardly bothered about it. You can tell though, just by the way she is with him when he’s here that she misses him.

Last week, her behaviour plummeted to new depths at the childminders and made Mummy doubt her ability to raise a lovely, good mannered child.  Punching other children in the head is not something Mummy and Daddy like. And all after Daddy dropped her off and she had a screaming fit.

Thursday, Mummy caught her cuddling and kissing Mummy’s phone.  It has a picture of Daddy on it.

“Do you miss Daddy?”

*saddest face in the world* – “Yeah.”

I know, she has to get used to it.

Problem is that her behaviour is just getting worse.  She doesn’t care about where Mummy is.  She will even say goodbye to Mummy, as long as Daddy is there.  At night, she is refusing to sleep until around 10.30, although Mummy and Daddy believe this is caused by the next change – an imminent new arrival.

She is a bright bright girl.  She uses her toy microphone to listen to the “baby in her belly”. Not bad for 20 months.  She is well aware that her life is about to change again.  Not only will Daddy not be available, but things are going on with Mummy too.  Mummy and Daddy think she’s scared she’s going to wake up and they’ll be gone.  Problem is, this could happen.  When baby comes, Grandma is going to come here to take care of her while Mummy and Daddy go to the hospital and Mummy has asked to go and spend a couple of days in the local birthing centre to recover.  So one day, it is likely she will wake up and it will be Grandma (or possibly “Stinky Pete” – Mummy’s Uncle) here and not Mummy and Daddy and the next time she sees them they will be cuddling a new baby and won’t need her any more and…

It’s hard being a Toddler.

It’s even harder controlling the Mummy-guilt.


2 responses to “Ch-ch-changes

  1. She sounds like she’s really attached to your hubby. I hope the pinching thing passes very quickly. Very best of luck with arrival of number 2

    • Yep, she’s a real daddys girl. He’s at home on paternity now, so will be able to shower her with affeection. We’re both making a special effort to do things with her right now.

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