Let’s talk about Sex, baby…

Or more precisely – Let’s talk about sex to help make this baby arrive.

We have decided to start the natural induction thing.  We didn’t get a chance to do this last time as I had problems in the pregnancy and was wary, and said “Once I get to 40 weeks”.  Well, at 39 weeks, my waters broke and you aren’t allowed to have any kind of …well, you aren’t allowed to…well…there;s risk of infection if you…you get the picture.  So, when our MW told us to try stimulation, we had to do other things.  And they didn’t work.

So, this time, even though the pregnancy started with bleeding and problems, we have started trying the natural method of induction prior to my due date.  Induction is sort of a by-product of both of us knowing that this is the last chance we will get to be intimate as I will need to heal after the birth, so yeah, we’re on the case.

Now, as people who have had sex during the last few weeks of pregnancy will know, everything down there is a little different.  There are pressures where there weren’t pressures before and it is slightly distracting having a baby bounce around while you are trying to get jiggy.  Plus there is the added discomfort of trying to find a suitable position.  I won’t go into too many details about what we have tried, but me on top seems to work the best.  OH is little weirded out when baby squirms when my belly is pressed against his though, for obvious reasons.

Enough of the gory bits.  What I really want to talk to you about is what happens AFTER the sex and other things (my man is a gentleman after all!)

We both curled up for sleep, but I got up about 30 minutes later to go to the toilet and realised that my back was hurting.  Period pain throbbing hurting.  I’ve been having some of these “contractions” for a few weeks, but last night was by far the most intense.  I would say it was almost unbearable.  This thought upset me somewhat as I was not prepared to believe it was labour already and, having had one child, I know what labour feels like.  I don’t want to wuss out this time and end up with an epidural as I was so insanely stubborn last time.  But the PAIN.  I couldn’t get back to sleep properly and the only thing that seemed to ease it was pacing the landing.   Now, after not really worrying about birth and labour, I’m starting to get slightly edgy.  I’ve been there going “yeah, trust your body” etc but mine seems to be putting me through pre-agony agony and I’m terrified I won’t make it through this birth.  Serves me right really for feeling so confident about my labour last time.  Wrong time to start a self-doubt session.  I just hope when it comes to it, all this pain has been working my cervix nicely and I’ll be able to push this baby out with the confidence I have declared publicly but am beginning to doubt.

This pain went on until about 4am when I managed to get myself back to sleep.  Once again, today I have had nothing.  A few Braxtons.  Nothing else.  All that for nothing.

So, while I’m bring all brave:


39 weeks

Stretchmarks and all!


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