Proud mummy moment – Toddler ballet

OHs sister teaches ballet locally.  She also started up a Toddler ballet session in her local community centre which is aimed at 18mth to 3 yr olds.  She kept asking me yo take The Toddler along and each time has been met with an excuse.  Well, OHs mum mentioned it to me recently and with my newfound key to SAHM (ie. Go out as often as you can!) I thought I had nothing to lose.

So, aware that she may sleep through the entire session (just as she slept through the trip to the pet shop) I went along.  It did not begin well.

I am a shockingly terrible driver and I had to drive down a main high street.  This started my blood boiling.  Then I went to turn down the wrong road and upset a lot of people when I changed my mind.   Then I showed off my awful parking skills in front of the other mums by almost driving my car down a hill.  I’m tired and hormonal so was almost in tears by this point.  I cry when I’m nervous…

But I was there, and the Toddler was there and…fast asleep.

I sighed and got her out the car regardless.  OHs sister was extremely welcoming as was the other mother I knew there.  We got into the hall, I changed the Toddler into her skirt and took off her shoes and off we went.

I participated as best I could but The Toddler was clearly the shining star of the show.  The other mums kept commenting on how well she was doing and every time she copied the other girls (who were all older than her) and joined in, my already quite tender heart swelled. I must admit having to hide my face on more than one occasion for fear of crying and looking like an idiot.

I’m soooo proud of her.  She may be ungraceful, and fall over her own feet but she has the confidence to give it her all, hold her own and be a little star.  She clearly adored it, so its something we are going to work into our weekly schedule now.


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