Phil&Teds – an update.

After scrubbing this pushchair down, both the OH and I have been avoiding it.  Every time we’ve gone out, we’ve found an excuse to take our big Mothercare pushchair.

I took The Toddler out on Thursday afternoon and thought I would give the Phil &Teds a go as I didn’t much fancy lifting the other one into the car, so I put it up in our hallway.  I seem to have got the hang of putting it up and taking it down which is an improvement.  I then tried to put the hood back on it.  For half an hour.  I didn’t mind lifting the Mothercare one into the car after that.

Saturday we went out again and OH got the hood back on.  I actually got a chance to drive the three wheeler and successfully steered it around the shop without tipping it.

I’ve found that I do like how agile it is and how light it feels to push with 1 child in.  I think it’s starting to grow on me, however, a couple of things I noticed today annoyed me.

The first of these is the harness.  5 little straps. It’s not the amount of straps nor the width of the straps, but more the way that if The Toddler is wearing a skirt, they expose her nappy to the world.  That and the fact you have to remember to pull them all out before you put the child in otherwise they sit on them.  Once the child is sat on them, its a bit of a faff to get them from under, around and behind the child, meanwhile said child has managed to launch herself halfway out of the pushchair again shouting “WALK WALK MUMMY!”.  Not a deal breaker but still something new to remember.

The other problem I have with the pushchair is the size of the shopping basket.   With our Mothercare pushchair, I can do a basket load of shopping, pack it up and chuck it underneath.  Not with this one.  It does have two small rucksacks you can attach to each side, but we didn’t take them and they don’t like they massively extend the capacity.  This lack of space lead to an argument in Sainsburys as he looked a bit lost at being unable to pack everything up and I had to find space to shove things so we could move out of the way of the tills.  The couple behind us were not best pleased nor impressed.

I’m going to try taking her for her walk in this pushchair on Tuesday.  I’ll be doing it alone on mixed terrain, so we’ll see how we get on.  That is of course if it doesn’t annoy me before we leave the house!


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