Oh joy – You know that thing when…?

everything piles up so much that you go beyond caring about any of it any more?

That’s pretty much where I am.  The cool bit is that I don’t care enough to get stressed about it, so I’m actually the calmest I’ve been in a long long time haha.  Of course, when you get to that point, there is always the little niggly itch of irritability in the background.  So, I’m going to write about that itch today.

If you feel like you can’t tolerate yet another whingey/ranty post from me, then you best just shut this page down.  I really wish I had a load of positive things to say, but I’m 9 months pregnant, fat, uncomfortable, going through some sort of hormonal depressive phase and have a very short fuse so being pissed off happens really quickly.  The positive is that I’m pissed off rather than angry, frustrated, or feeling shit about everything.  The only way is up and all that jazz.

So, I wake up this morning to a text on my phone from my Childminder – Childminder is very sick,  please keep children away.  *EYEROLL*.  If you don’t already know, The Toddler goes three times a week.  The childminder is going on holiday next Thursday until the 12th of June and at SOME POINT during those two and a half weeks, I have to give birth.  Today, friday, Monday and next Wednesday are my last Toddler free rest days.

This annoys me.  I’ve already planned things for The Toddler and I to do tomorrow as she needs constant entertainment at the moment (she probably doesn’t NEED it, but more on that later) so today was a curve ball moment.  As you know, I deal with pretty much all of the curve ball moments in this house.  He goes off to work.  Not just work.  he goes to Croydon – an hour and 20 minutes away, on the train.  I know, he has to work.  I know, it keeps a roof over our heads and allows us to have dinner.  I KNOW!  But (as above) I’m fat, pregnant, etc etc and him getting this freedom grates my nerves.

Anyway, I then post on FB asking if anyone has any ideas on what we can do today as I’m at a loss.  She got up at 6.30 so by 10 she’s knackered.  As it happened, she was positively gorgeous this morning and her tantrums just washed over me.  They were all relatively short and either caused by being tired or being hungry, both of which we can resolve fairly quickly.  We played some silly games and rolled around on the sofa and the floor and sung songs and I chatted to other Mummies on twitter (My current lifeline) and Facebook and all was fine with the world.

I only got one reply to my “HELP! Bump and small child looking for something to do!” post which happened to be OHs sister asking us to go round for lunch.  She only had one of her children there, so it seemed like a good idea. Plus free lunch.  We never turn down free food.

So, off we went…and once there I realised how different and intense my method of parenting the Toddler is to her method of being with her children.  I wouldn’t call either method wrong, although I did feel like I was being judged somewhat for following the Toddler round to make sure she was ok (I do this at home anyway.)  In all fairness, I probably make being a parent harder than it actually is by being neurotic and should probably  just let The Toddler get on with eating bits off the carpet (she always finds the three week old Cheerio we didn’t get with the hoover).  Yeah, so, all in all, I found it quite stressful chasing her around someone elses house.  It was a change of scenery and even though she was tired, she managed to last it well and the drive back, although short, was enough to knock her out and she’s been zonked for a couple of hours now.  This in itself is a RESULT!  However, by total coincidence, OHs sister helps out with looking after another child, who just happens to also go to the same childminder as The Toddler.  She was of course there and I found out that the childminder has a tummy bug.  The both ends kind.   JUST WHAT I NEED! I’m stocking up and waiting for it to hit this household.  I will not be impressed when it does.  I’m particularly peeved that some parent thought it was appropriate to take a sick child to the childminders so that it could not only be passed around but mean that I lose childfree days AND still have to pay (I don’t MIND paying, I understand WHY we have to pay and I think the childminder is great, so paying isn’t a problem, but paying because someone ELSE was thoughtless and gave everyone the lurgy? That bites.)

Argh.  Now I’m just waiting for the OH to get home from his trip.  Apparently, he should be here around 6, we can have meatballs (veggie ones for me) for dins, bathe The Toddler, I can catch up on the housework and then we can finally rest ready for tomorrow.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a good one.  I’m going to try and plant some veggies and bake some cookies.  Maybe.  I might just end up taking her to a pet shop and spend a few hours watching the fish and small animals.  See, it doesn’t take much to keep them occupied really does it?


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