The feeder

I’m worried about being a feeder parent.  You know, the ones who use food to placate their children.  The ones that encourage eating disorders and obesity.  I’m very cautious and aware of eating as I had a disorder when I was younger resulting from clinical depression and serious self esteem issues.  I used to self harm, but then found that starving myself worked just as well.  My weight used to fluctuate from 6 to 7 and a half stone.  I was 6 stone 3 when I fell pregnant with the Toddler.

Now we have her, we try to be conscious of what we eat and what we feed her.   She’s got a healthy appetite, a sweet tooth, but would rather eat fruit and veg over sweets.  We are extremely lucky to have a child so willing to eat.  I mean, she’s not always that willing to try everything.  She won’t eat pasta if we feed it to her, but will gladly eat bowlfuls at the childminders.  I think this is more to do,with her throwing her weight around and manipulating us than her actually having an.issue with the taste.

I just worry that because I always check the,amount she eats because of my own relationship with food that she may end up using food as a comforter.  I know we can’t always predict what our kids will do when they get older.  I’m pretty sure tht when I was 20 months old my mum didn’t foresee having to deal with 6 years of self harm and 12 years of depression, but that is what I’ve thrown at her.  As parents, we cope I guess.


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