Neighbour drama

Friday night when I got back from picking up the Toddler, our neighbours had visitors.  The way said visitor was parked prevented me from parking in my normal space on our drive (we have a double drive and two cars so this should be simple stuff.).  I’m not a very goid driver going forwards and slightly worse going backwards so I parked the car as best I could in the space the OH normally uses and got on with unpacking child and bags and various other pieces you end up carrying once you have kids.

I figured that the visitors would either be gone or OH would be fine parking his car.  If not, we can park across the driveway or in the car park opposite.

OH opted to try and fit his car in my space and managed to clip the car belonging to our neighbours opposite.  He was really worried about telling them what he had done, but they were really chilled about it and he ended up over there for ages talking to them about babies and kids and all sorts.

However, then my mum came over to visit and couldn’t get anywhere near our house because someone had parked their car right across our drive.  They blocked BOTH cars in and we had no idea who it was.  NOT IMPRESSED.  We live opposite a car park and a big green.  We are not short of parking so why blatantly block someone in?  I wouldn’t mind so much if they knocked the door and told us or it was one of the neighbours.  At least then we would know where to go to ask them to move it.  We had absolutely no idea which house they were in.  Now, luckily, nothing happened on Friday but if something were to happen, would they have expected OH to knock round all the doors to ask them to move their car before arranging to drop off the Toddler and all the other things that need to be done should I go into labour?  The bit that annoyed me MOST of all about this particular episode was that all our neighbours (all 7 families of them) KNOW that I am heavily pregnant.

So, what do you do apart from bitch on the internet about it? Haha!


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