Crappy tech day

I would no longer refer to myself as a techie.  Yes, I was a server admin before redundancy/kids.  Yes I used to spend my time either on the computer or reading a book for pleasure about how to break a certaon aspect of an OS, but those days are long gone.

As you can tell by the abundance of mentions of the EEE pad, I still love my gadgets and I’ve found something to love in the Android OS and cloud computing, but yesterday was just a total techie fail.

My TOTS100 account will not verify as the code can’t be found on the page even though it is definitely there. We have discovered that this is actually my fault for giving an incorrect URL. Then I tried to install some emulation software on the main desktop here and its eaten c drive. Well, not eaten it but it doesn’t run very well due to limited disk space. And my blog still doesn’t look like I want it to, although I’m not sure this is something I can sort out with a limited account.

And now google calendars is refusing to let me add an event using the mobile web version. I’m pretty sure its just me affected too. Totally crap. Oh and my BMB button won’t work. So yes, I am a member of BMB but I can’t proudly display it on my blog. This blog thing is much more technical than you would expect!


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