Phil & Teds double buggy e3 sport

Ok, this is not a review.  It cannot be classed as a review.  Everything here is personal opinion and based on experience.  I’m not a pram expert.  I’m no good with the damn things in general.

Omg, this pushchair is awful!  Haha.  I know loads of people love them but I just can’t get on with it.  At all.  Maybe its me being useless with pushchairs (the Toddler actually has “crash” and “oh dear” as part of her vocabulary!) but this one just seems to be full of “knacks”.

When we were picking a pram for the Toddler, this was one of the ones we looked at as OHs sister swears by hers (which is now ours!).  First of all, I couldn’t be dealing with all the attachments and clips.  Secondly, it took me half the length of Mothercare to flick the damn thing open.  These two things alone were enough to put me off.  However, the thing I hated most about this pushchair was the baby under baby thing.  Like you’ve just chucked baby 2 in the shopping basket underneath.  Now, to me, (and this is me being a little over sensitive) this seems like it may give way to some confidence issues.  Baby no 2 is restricted in what they can see, mum kicks them with her feet…well, clumsy big foot me would anyway, and the poor thing will end up with shopping dumped on its legs.

Needless to say, I opted for a Mothercare travel system.  Its bulky and heavy and the clip that holds it closed when it’s folded snapped in the first few months but I can put it up and steer it with one hand.  I can also put it down one handed.

However, it only holds one baby, and no matter how many times she protests otherwise, the Toddler is not ready to walk everywhere and won’t be for a while.

OHs sisters children are just old enough that she now only needs a single buggy, so we part exchanged our Red Kite single buggy – which is barely used but also a very good value lightweight but not flimsy buggy- for her Phil & Teds with all the attachments.

It was cheap.  I mean a steal cheap.  I needs a bit of TLC and the Toddler and I have been out in the garden scrubbing it down this morning.  We have just about every attachment going for it.  Its worth probably around £450ish new. And I WANT to love it.  So much.  But even this morning it has annoyed me.

First of all, neither the OH nor I could get it to go up.  Then undoing all the zips and fastenings in order to get it open enough to scrub was a complete pain.  I’ve already managed to almost tip it over on that third wheel and had a serious issue pushing it through the front door.  Luckily, empty, it is lightweight enough to lift.   However, the real kicker for me is the brake.  I have SPD which means the strength in my legs is very limited.  Not a problem with my pram, but I can’t even budge the brake bar on this one without bending down and flicking it on by hand.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I get annoyed by faffing and the Phil & Teds just seems to be one huge faff.  I’m hoping once I’ve had a few tantrums over it and thrown it a few times I’ll finally get it.  I’ll let you know how I get on.


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