Playing with technology

No, I don’t have an Asus EEE Pad transformer. Yes, I DESPERATELY want one.  No, I’m not going to get one.

So, to try and stave off the needing to go and buy one, I’ve gone back to using my old original asus EEE with the 7 inch screen.

I bought it in Toys R Us about 3 years ago.  Since then it has gone for a long excursion to OHs sisters, had a replacement keyboard and been reinstalled.   It’s now running Ubuntu, however, the small solid state hard drive is failing and there is very very limited disk space, so I have to try and save everything online.  I have a feeling that maybe letting The Toddler carry the laptop around in its.bag and hit things with it probably doesn’t help but is a testiment to how hardy these little machines are.

This brings me to my adventure today into using Google docs.  It’s not too bad to be honest.  I don’t quite know what I expected from it, but it seems to be what I was looking for to store documents that I would normally write in notepad and keep on the hard drive.  I’ve found accessing the documents on the EEE a little slow, but I think that is more to do with the machine than the website itself.

See, I don’t NEED the transformer.  But it would be nice 🙂


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