What the hell are they building?

Our reasons for buying our current house were three fold:

We needed somewhere to live as I was heavily pregnant and our previous arrangement wasn’t suitable.

It was cheap

There is a big green across the road where the kids play football and where I can take The Toddler to run and let off some steam.

Well, last night we came home after going shopping and doing some bits and pieces and on the edge of the green are now three of those portacabin things.   The Street Children were climbing all over them and jumping off them.

We spoke to our neighbours and they have been told three different things by different people.  We still have no idea what they are building.  We do know that they rejected plans to build a playground on the green, so it’s unlikely to be that, although there is talk of it being used to build flats.

FLATS?!  Seriously?  We are mostly ex-council around here and the estate did have a bit of a reputation for being rough (our bit at the end of the close is lovely though!)  Flats would just kill us.  Surely they have to have advertised this?

I have checked online for anything planning permission wise but I can only find council documents relating to the original builds of the houses in 1971 and nothing more recent.

I also had a good look down tehre this morning when the workmen were fencing off the cabins to stop the Street Children climbing on them (like THAT will work!) and they have a proper site office set up down there.  This just gets curiouser and curiouser.


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