The Lurker

I am, by nature, a shy person.  anyone who knows me very well will know I can be completely introverted at times and totally outrageous at others.  I prefer to sit and knit or write than to go out in a big crowd, or to put myself out there.

I have been trying to make my online persona a little less shy.  I comment on what people say on Twitter, I say hi.  I have wordpress automatically spam out my blog when I write another ridiculous post about nothing much at all.

From this week, if I read a blog post, I am going to make a comment.  I’m going to try to say something constructive, because I think the people I read need to know I’ve been there and looked at their stuff and that I’ve read it because I either have an opinion or that I value theirs or that I enjoy reading what they have to say.

Ha, take that being internet shy!


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