Engagement ring

I am not married.  The OH and I will have been together for five years in July.  we have been engaged for most of this time.

We were due to get married on the 21st of September 2008, but funds were short so we decided to push it back a year.  Our first baby arrived in August of 2009 so we didn’t have the opportunity to get married.  Then we made the decision that we wouldn’t get married until we had had both the children we wanted as we didn’t want it to be a big deal that The Toddler was born before the ceremony.  So, I’m not married.

I got my engagement ring a while after we actually got engaged and as I proposed to him, it was a case of “We’ll buy it when we see the right one.”

Well, I wore it all the time before my first pregnancy, but my fingers swelled up so much that I had to take it off and wear it on a chain around my neck.  I intended to put it back on after I lost my pregnancy weight but this didn’t happen and when I found myself pregnant the second time, I kept it on the chain.  Sadly, that pregnancy ended in a miscarriage for which I had an operation and removed the chain from my neck, placing the ring and chain in a box.

Today I found the ring and chain.  It fits on my finger at the moment, although it is slightly uncomfortable.  However, it has pleased the OH so it’ll stay on my finger for the next couple of weeks at least.


2 responses to “Engagement ring

  1. This story made me smile. Hubby and I married last year and we having matching wedding rings with diamonds cut from the same stone. When he’s at work, he puts his ring on the chain around his neck to keep it safe – works with cars so it would get damaged otherwise.
    When my fingers got too puffy to wear mine I just took it off. Hubby suggested I might like to wear it on a chain but I was a bit grumpy that day and told him it would look silly!
    By Easter Sunday my caring side had returned and I wore my wedding ring on a chain – definitely worth it, he was so happy about it!

  2. Aww, I like the idea of having rings cut from the same stone!

    They seem to be more bothered about the rings than we are! Like we’re going to run off when we’re heavily pregnant haha!

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