PSN data breach

In our circle of friends we have the fiercely loyal XBox 360 owners/gamers (us), the not so interested in the games as the gadgets people and a couple of ps3 fanbois.

Needless to say, at the moment, my OH cannot hold the gloats in. And we are both seeing an increasing number of claims on facebook about credit ir debit card fraud which people are directly attributing to the breach.  Ok,  it’s possible.  Sony have said that to be on the safe side, customers are being advised that credit card data MAY have been stolen and its probably a good idea to cancel cards or at least watch your balance.  However, shouldn’t we be doing the latter anyway? I’m just as guilty of not being aware, but when identity theft and credit card fraud are so rampant, we should probably be a bit more careful anyway.

Not saying that the PSN breach isn’t serious.  One of the most serious in a long time in fact.  The OH and I have had to ask why all this data was stored in a similar location and not spread out over the network.  We can only assume that the data was easily accessible from one location or linked in multiple locations.  Where were their DR plans? And how did they not notice 77 million users’ worth of data leaving their network? I’ve heard a rumour that the cause was a misconfigured apache server.  I’m not an expert, but why was this left in this state on a publicly accessible network?

I don’t know too many of the details, having just skirted the peripherals of the story and having a passing interest in Internet and computer security but it seems that Sony are going to have a lot of kissing ass to do.


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